Fluorescent Light Kits

Fluorescent Light Kits are convenient collections of complementary fluorescent lighting equipment. Light kits range from simple essential equipment such as a Britek 1604 Light Bank with Britek 24'x24' Softbox and Britek 308 8.5' Light Stand for the minimalist photographer to elaborate full featured kits that are ready for any job.

Fluorescent Light Kits as the name suggests are focused on fluorescent lights and contain multiple fluorescent light banks and adjustable stands for the lights. To add versatility, these kits include light diffusers like umbrella or soft boxes and of course, for the convenience of transportation and storage, a sturdy carrying case. Fluorescent Continuous Lighting is a relatively new product being used for movie, video and still photo production today. It is considered the best overall lighting source for production. It delivers a smooth warm highly diffused light source which is almost always the most desirable type of light source for video and still photography production today.
Fluorescent bulbs are extremely efficient requiring only 1/4th the electrical current of Tungsten achieving equivalent brightness. The efficiency results in a bulb that runs completely cool. Heat generation from the bulb is negligible. Professional fluorescent bulbs come in both indoor and outdoor Kelvin ratings making them the superior choice for movie, video, and still photography production work. We believe that Continuous Daylight Fluorescent Lighting makes Flash/Strobe lighting obsolete because it has the advantage of being a Continuous light source. It is much easier to set up than the Flash and requires no trigger sync to the camera. The versatility of a kit having greater control over the shooting environment is convenient to the photographer. Having the adequate kit with the right number of primary flash lights, fill lights, height adjustable stands, boom cranes, and light diffuser, all designed to flawlessly work together, allows you focus on creating great and memorable photos!

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